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slow internet in the past 2 weeks!

  • 17 February 2024
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For the pas 2 weeks my Data sim card has been very slow on downloads and uploads.
i checked my account to see if my contract ended or something happened by any chance, but all seems in order and it is very weird. please check my sim card and let me know what is the issue.
also it seems in all berlin i have the same issue. it is not the poor reception or low signal.
even openning a website like speed-test itself takes ages!
this Sim card was given to me by my office and it was fine untill recently.
here is an screen shot of my phone browser taking an speed test.

it is clear that it is limitted somehow and i dont know why!


4 Antworten

well an update would be that i tried the speed test yesterday in west berlin and it was like 100mb.
so far then, it seems the issue is in east, sout and north berlin when i try to speed test it is like crap!
i live around Berlin-Gesundbrunnen so i really need to know what is going on?!

Hello @Hamidnabizadeh, welcome at our community. Nice to have you here.

A slow internet connection is always super annoying. Have you already checked the livecheck to see whether there might be a problem?

Kind regards Ines.

well it is already resolved 2 days ago.

I'm very pleased that the internetreception is good again @Hamidnabizadeh  Then it was probably just a minor problem. 😊

Kind regards, Ines.

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