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Bedeutung der Statusmeldungen

Vorbestellung/Rückstand dein Gerät ist noch nicht verfügbar, es wird auf Wareneingang gewartet
NEW dein Gerät ist vorrätig und wird weiterbearbeitet
In Bearbeitung / Order in progress deine Bestellung wird zum Versand vorbereitet
In Auslieferung dein Paket ist an den Paketdienst (DHL) übergeben worden
Auftrag storniert deine Bestellung wurde storniert
Beilagenproblem dein Auftrag wird manuell nachbearbeitet, dein Handeln ist nicht erforderlich
Komplett retourniert dein Paket konnte nicht zugestellt werden und wurde retour geschickt

Does DHL delivery on Saturdays?

The status again changed to *IN PROGRESS*.

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@mtjessy Now you can expect the delivery will arrive to you in 2-5 Workingdays. Yes DHL delivers on Saturdays.

@jsc I am familiar with this list but have never seen NEW, it is always in progress when I have looked.

Beste regards,


So they will update to next level, and they give shipping confirmation via email. Right?

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Ok fine. Thank you. So I have to wait 5 working days then.

Does anyone here got iphone 15 series from O2? How many days after *In progress*?

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2-3 😉

maybe till saturday…

So may be I will receive shipping confirmation tomorrow?

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Yes, and now please be patient 😉

Yes,yes it is very much necessary for me 🤣🥲

Hello @mtjessy

you've already received a lot of support, great!

Now that some time has passed, has your iPhone arrived in the meantime? If so, does everything work? 

Please inform us about the current status :)

Best regards

Hallo, I ordered iphone 15 pro max without o2 tariff. I got the phone. I have to pay 69 euros for 24 months. But last week i got a letter from o2 saying that the payment will deduct on November 28. But till now the money is not deducted. Why this happens?

Hello @mtjessy

it may happen that the direct debit is slightly late. If the bank account is covered, you don't need to worry. 
Has the amount been debited in the meantime?

Best regards 


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