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Retoure Samsung Galaxy S24

  • 18 February 2024
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I ordered an Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and i needed to pay 181€ + 4,99€ delivery. If i return the item, will i get the money back in my account ? 

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4 Antworten

Moin Moin,

With in the first 14 days after you buy, yes.

Hello and welcome to the community @Andreea.Liubici. 💙

May I ask why you want to exercise your “Widerrufsrecht”? 😊

Was there something wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Best regards


Hello. I expected a very big change on that. But it s the same like in the old times, like the old models. It’s not for me, i found that.

Ok @Andreea.Liubici, I can understand that of course. Thank you for giving us a short feedback here.
Have you already submitted your “Widerruf” and if so, how did you do it?
Best regards



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