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Public ipv4 Addresse

Hello, I would like to have a public IPv4 address for my Home XXL Account.


Lösung von o2_Sven 14 March 2024, 11:10

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Wenn das ein Kabel-Anschluss ist, ist eine öffentliche IPv4 nicht möglich.

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Hello @blueshockz 

It's not possible for a cable contract. 

Hello @blueshockz,

welcome to the o2 Community

we only offer a public IPv4 address for our mobile producuts. With a o2 Home XXL you should have a cable or fiber connection here. In case of a fiber connection you already have Dual Stack and we can’t change the cable one from DS-Lite.


Best regards, Sven

@o2_Sven ah ok, can you activate my o2 Mobile Plan?I have the Unlimited Plan.

Hello @blueshockz ,

you want to receive a public IPv4 Address for your o2 Mobile Unlimited? This would come with a one time fee of 49,99€, please confirm that this is okay with you and then we can go and activate the address.


Kind regards, Sven

@o2_Sven Yes, Please Activate. I will pay the one time fee.

Hello @blueshockz ,

I’ve activated the public IPv4 address now, you should also receive a SMS as a confirmation. To make use of it, please change the APN to netpublic .


Best regards, Sven

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