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Hello, I need some help here.. 

Seriously I’m getting a stroke because of your company.

So firstly, I am using Prepaid card, which called O2 Loop.

As you can see from the picture (Below), on 13th January I topped-up 15 Euro for the LOOP, which cost 9.99 Euro.

And Somehow, O2 did not book my tarif but just took my money. 

I did not get what I payed for, and my Guthaben was 7 Euro. Can you believe this? 

I wanted to contact you guys immediately but I kenw it is going to take long time so I just kinda ignored it..!!! 



and I decided to change Anbieter so I got a new simcard but I wanted to keep the number of O2.

Because Otherwise, I have to do all the works to change my number for all my bank etc so . 

So I topped-up 25 Euro agai, for Portierung, which was very stupid…..


Because this time, you guys automatically charged for the tarif, 9.99 Euro and 

Now I only have 15 Euro, which is not enough for Portierung……..

And on top of this, I cancel the order through the mein O2 app, with a hope that you guys might refund me 9.99 Euro, but of course not. 

Now I don’t have my tarif and my 9.99 Euro is just gone!!! 


Can you feel me? Can you feel this frustration?’ 

First of all, I want my money back.

and Secondly, let me keep the god Dam* Numeber. Please. which means, please FREIGEBEN!! 


Would be wonderful and I will not get a heart attack so you would save my life…


Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Lösung von o2_Andrea 17 February 2020, 09:44

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Here on the page you will find the link “Übersicht der lerzten 6 Monate” (Overview of the last 6 months): https://www.o2online.de/ecare-prepaid/
If you click on it, a new window opens. Could you post a screenshot here? Your mobile phone number must not be recognizable.

Hello, thank you for answering. Hope this would process my case further… 


It is clear, that they charged me for Data pack L on 13th January, and I could not use any Data, as it shows 0mb. 


Surf-Dauflat-voice was a automatic tarif, which cost 0.99 cent for 30 MB. 

Whenever I was connected to 3g, it chaged me automatically 99cent for 30 MB.

Which it should not happend, if O2 topped me up 2 GB as it promised, which I payed for.

Insteade I had to pay 99 cent for 30mb a day. 

I could not cencel this 99cent thing, and as you can see I had to use this 5 times,  which in total 4.95 Euro for 150 mb…..



I just want my money back and keep the number. you know what, Just number, that’s all! 

I finally memorised this number (ha!) and dont want to waste another time to change my number….





The problem is that you don't notice that an option will automatically renew if there is enough credit and the pack is not canceled.

Let's take a closer look at the screenshot

7.12. o2 my Prepaid Data Pack L booked until 5.1. 

The pack could not be extended because you did not have enough credit. Right? If a pack is not canceled, it will be automatically paused and reactivated if the credit is sufficient.

On January 12th Surf Dayflat was booked because your cell phone was connected to the Internet but you hadn't activated an Internet option.

On January 13th you had top up. This automatically reactivated your o2 my Prepaid Data Pack L. Apparently you wanted to book the option yourself (?), but you canceled it. (Starting date = ending date)

Because you hadn't booked an internet option again, the surf dayflats were booked again in the following days. 13.1., 14.1., 18.1. and 30.1.

On 4.2. did you book the o2 my prepaid basic. This option is currently still running.

On 7.2. you booked the o2 my Prepaid Data Pack L yourself and canceled it immediately. Why?


There are no mistakes, you obviously made mistakes yourself

An o2 employee checks the days to see if there can be goodwill in some cases. Basically not.

The pack could not be extended because you did not have enough credit. Right? If a pack is not cancelled, it will be automatically paused and reactivated if the credit is sufficient.

On January 12th Surf Dayflat was booked because your cell phone was connected to the Internet but you hadn't activated an Internet option.


Here you said, that the pack will be automatically reactivated, but it won’t.

There why this situation has begun.

I topped up, 15 Euro, which is more than sufficient. 

It did not reactivate my pack, and I did not cancel it. 

Immediately after I paid 15 Euro, I got a msg, that it could not book my package because I don’t have enough credit. 

So i checked my account, and I only had 7 Euro left, because I had 2 Euro left, plus 15 Euro and minus 10 Euro for the package. so 7 Euro. 


I connected to internet just to check, and it charged me 1 Euro for 30 mb this time.


Can you get this? 


I did not cancel it. 


on 7.2 , I cancelled it, which was my mistake. 


O2 prepaid basic, I booked it because I did not get 2 gb which I supposed to have and I needed internet. so I booked it. 


So if you could refund the amount from 13.1 and then my credit will going to be 25 Euro again, so you can let me keep my number. right? 




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Dear @Luc12122 ,


first of all, welcome to our forum. Nice that you have found your way to us. :-)


I just took a look at your prepaid account. It is as @TBCMagic said. The o2 My Prepaid L was in a waiting line from January 5th on, because there was not enough credit balance on your prepaidcard. You charged money on January 16th at 06:03:31 by direct debit. At 06:03:32 the pack was bokked automatically, because it was in the waiting line.You deactivated the pack by app at 06:04:26 and booked it new at 06:04:26, but at this point you had not enough credit, so it stayed in a waiting line. Therefor the Surf-Dayflat activated itself several times when you were using your phone. Because you did’t deactivate the o2 My Prepaid L, that was in the waiting line, it was booked again (at 14:29:02), when you charged money on your account on February 7th  at 14:28:18.

I now released your prepaidnumber for porting and it can be taken over by your new provider. The porting declaration is valid for 60 days. Please also make sure that you have enough credit on your prepaid account, the port will be charged with 24.95 EUR.

I also gave you a refund for the 9,99 Euro for the booking of that o2 My Prepaid L Pack as for good will, so that you can now port your number to a new provider.


Do you have any questions about using our community? Then take a look at Neu in der o2 Community? Die wichtigsten Funktionen und Hinweise auf einen Blick. There you will find all the information you need to use!


Kind regards,


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