prepaid invoice please

Hi there

I bought 2 prepaid cards in the last month and I need an invoice please- not itimised billing, just an O2 invoice for the value of the prepaid card.

Can you help me withthis. Unfortunatly the prepaid hotline isn't available for English speaking customers.

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Hello @Liz L ,


we can only send you an Umsatzsteuerbeleg for the last month, accordingly.

Please contact us here again in May if you like, we´ll then create the Umsatzsteuerbeleg for April :hugging:


Viele Grüße,


Hi there

Please send me the 2 invoices for the 2 prepaid cards I activated in April?

It was a a My Prepaid XXL, and my prepaid L. Let me know if more details is needed from me?


Kind Regards


Hi @Liz L,


welcome again to our English community.


In order to help you, I have just sent a private message to you via @o2_Support. Please reply there to my request.


Afterwards we will come back here to this public thread.


Loving greetings,


Hi @Liz L,


thanks for your details at @o2_Support.


According to your wish, I have just ordered the delivery of the sales tax slip (Umsatzsteuerbeleg) for the month of April 2020 for both of your prepaid-cards.


I hope I could be of help to you.


Loving greetings,


Thank you Tobias

Please advise how will the invoices be delivered? I’ve not yet received it via e-mail/ post.



Hi @Liz L,


thanks for your reply.


I ordered the delivery of the sales tax slip on 15th May 2020. I have sent it to the address you mentioned under @o2_Support.


The document will be sent automatically at the middle of the month. If you have not yet received it, it will certainly be sent to you at the middle of June.


Therefore, I ask you for some further patience.


Loving greetings,




Great, thanks!

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