When I started to use my sim Card M Tarif was activated and I was using that one. Then I cancelled it and started to use S Tarif but now I want to Change it again but I’m not able to do it from the Website. I did the earlier Change on the Website but this one it tells me to contact the costumer Service. How can I solve this Problem because at the Moment I don’t have any Tarife. Should I go to any O2 shop to solve it?


I appreciate your help.


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Hello, have you found any solution to this? the same thing happened to me, i canceled my Prepaid L to try to switch to M and now i am not able to resubscribe and have no plan.

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Dear @M3l0 ,


please do not open multiple posts on the same topic. Please have a look at our Netiquette.
I already answered you here yesterday:

I am still waiting for a reply there.


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Dear @ashlee ,


welcome here in our community. :evergreen_tree:

I have activated o2 My Prepaid M for you and reimbursed the costs incurred during the time you did not activate a package yourself.


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Dear @ashlee,

I couldn’t change anything myself so I visited one of the stores. Then I cancelled my prepaid Card and switched to a contract. Bceuase with a contract I’ll have more Internet with same amount of Money.

Have a nice day!

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