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Pay future bills at once

I moved out of Germany and would like to pay the remaining bills until termination all at once how can I do that?


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Hello @Raneem ,

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I’m happy that you want to pay your contract in full, but if you’ve permanently left Germany, then you should just cancel the contract itself. Moving out of Germany is a reason for an extraordinary termination of the contract, that way the contract itself will end as soon as possible.


Kind regards, Sven


Thank you for your reply, I have tried and asked and called and they told me i have to pay til the end of my contract.

can you help me and send me the steps to do the cancellation as soon as possible rather than paying for 8 months? Thank you


Hello @Raneem,

A mobile contract you can cancel via this form when moving abroad. You can also fill in our online form and choose “Kündigungsgrund” - “Umzug ins Ausland”. You will have to add a de-registration certificate of your present place of residence and a notification of your new, foreign domicile alternatively a confirmation of your employer or landlord.



Hello @Raneem,

Could you bring the cancellation of your contract on the way?



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