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Hey team,

I hope you guys are doing great and in good health.
I placed an order of Apple Watch from o2 website and I have order number.
My question is can I pick it up from any store of o2 by showing my order number or it will be delivered to my address?

Any response or feedback would be highly appreciated.


Lösung von Vilureef 4 December 2023, 14:19

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Hello @WaqarAhmad,

The watch will be delivered to your contact address. Collection from any shop is not possible.

Best regards 

Hi @Vilureef,
Thank you so much for your kind response.
Any idea how much time it takes? because on the website it says same day delivery.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello @WaqarAhmad ,

you won’t be able to collect the Watch from a shop as it is going to be delivered to you. You can check your order status online, once it is at “In Bearbeitung” you can expect that the delivery is going to happen within the next few days.


Kind regards, Sven

Hello @WaqarAhmad,

What does your order status say?

Best regards 

Hey @Vilureef,

It says ‘in Bearbeitung’

Hey @Vilureef,
It says ‘in Bearbeitung’ also billing address is not mine but it's the address of the shop from where I purchased my first o2 sim but delivery address is correct. 

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@WaqarAhmad in Bearbeitung means, that its actually been shipping and you´ll receive it within the next few days.

Hello @WaqarAhmad,

Then you will have it with you in 3-5 days.

Best regards

Thank you so much for the kind response @Vilureef @Libertas and about billing address is it fine? 

Hey team,

@Vilureef @Libertas @o2_Sven 
I hope you guys are doing great and in good health.
I have a question, if I cancel this order it will affect my Shufa score? Also I will deposited some advance payment so it will return and if yes then in how many days?

Waiting for your kind response and any help would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hey team,
I hope you guys are doing great and in good health. 
I placed an Apple Watch Ultra order yesterday and it's in-progress not dispatched yet, so my question is can I cancel it? also after cancellation I will receive my initial advance deposit back, if yes then in how many days? And lastly it will affect my Schufa rating or not?

Waiting for your kind response.


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