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O2 TV and Sky Ticket

  • 17 November 2019
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I had subscribed to Sky Ticket through O2 but I cancelled it online owing to a bad user experience. 
That said, I didn’t get any email or SMS informing me that my Sky Ticket has been cancelled, except that ‘abbestellt zum 16.12.2019’ appears next to it on the website. I would like to know that my Sky Ticket has been cancelled - if not, i would like to cancel it as soon as possible. 

Additionally, I hadn’t subscribed to O2 TV but was automatically enrolled into it. I cancelled that too but didn’t receive any communication. 

I would like to know the status of both, and if they haven’t been cancelled, I’d like to terminate them with immediate effect. 


Lösung von MXP_Alex 17 November 2019, 21:57

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1 Antwort

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This topic is closed because ist was double-posted.

You can find the answers here: https://hilfe.o2online.de/english-o2-community-43/o2-tv-and-sky-ticket-516204