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O2 prepaid balance refund (changed to postpaid contract)


I had changed from O2 prepaid to postpaid recently. The number is ported successfully. 

I have currently 14 euros balance in my prepaid account. How can I transfer back to either postpaid or my bank account? 


Thank you. 


Lösung von o2_Flo 9 March 2024, 12:17

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Hi @vasanth23 

Hello, welcome to our community. Thank you for your message. The credit will be transferred automatically within 14 days. In rare cases, this does not happen automatically, in which case we would initiate the process manually.  I would therefore ask you to be patient for a few more days. Please contact us if the credit is not listed on your next mobile phone bill. 

Kind regards 


Thanks for your reply @o2_Matze . I will update my situation after 2 weeks. 

Thank you for your patience @vasanth23 :) We are looking forward to your update. 

Best regards 

It has been now more than a month and credit has not been transferred back yet (either to my O2 account or my bank account). Could you please check and kindly provide the solution ASAP. 

Thank you. 

Hey @vasanth23,

to be able to help you, we need your telephone number and your four-digit personal customer identification number. Please send it to @o2_Support  and then contact us again here :) 

Best regards,

@o2_Flo I had sent private message to O2 with details you requested. Please kindly check. Thank you. 

Hey @vasanth23,

I had a look at this. The amount has already been offset against the February invoice. Please download your bill via "My o2" or the o2 app and take a look at it. 

The item on your bill is called "Transfer credit" (Übertagung Guthaben).


@o2_Flo Yes, I had noted it now. Sorry for confusion. Thanks for the clarification. 

Hey @vasanth23,

No problem. The important thing is that we were able to solve your problem and find an answer. 

See you soon,

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