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The First Problem. Right now I have to reset the device every 20-27 hours because it loses the internet connection. According to O2 Community forums, I’m not alone with that. If it is not possible to fix the stability and resilience of the firmware, one may come up with an option for a scheduled configurable restart by a day-time. It usually shows the following in the status


Manual intervention is required to fix it, unfortunately. Is it possible to configure the O2 router to restart automatically? 


The Second Problem. After about one month of usage, the router started to crash after restarts. I try to hard-reset the router. And surprisingly, I figured out the hard reset does not remove all the settings. Quickly checked in O2 forums and found posts in O2 community forums from customers that were not that lucky to recover from that issue.


Some more issues:

  • The system logs page is broken in the current firmware. It should not load fully and there are no logs visible at all.
  • I use the O2 router as a model (I have another device to serve as WIFI). Is there a modem mode for the O2 HomeSpot? It would be great to simplify my setup and avoid several NATs.
  • The O2 router may redirect all traffic to itself (even HTTPS traffic) and make some of my apps misbehave, I'm looking for the way to turn that off
  • for the LTE signal info, it would be great to see more information on the current connection (which band is used, FQCN is not enough), what bands are available, want base stations are available.
  • LTE modem tuning is nice to have too so that one could specify the preferred BAND and/or base station


PS. I did a try to communicate with Askey to submit that feedback, they rejected it and suggested me contacting O2. 

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In spite of what is written on the O2 pages, custom router will unlikely work, even if it is written it would. You may any see another forum posts where it is being discussed :sleepy:

The new update is available for the router. I’ve come across the following issue:

The actual firmware is not DE_g34.0_RTL0080.D112.DE.21.13.109 [2020-05-12 06:44:16]. Will see how it goes

The new update added yet another feature. Now I cannot access the router UI from several devices (should I remember the previous device after a day?)


That update looks like a regression to me. There must be a short timeout for that check (not days!)

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