Not able to book the XXL package

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On 20/05 I tried to book the Data XXL 150GB package via the O2 App on my pre-paid number ending ########0741. I received an sms that I couldn’t load the XXL pack as my credit wasn’t enough.

I made an bank transfer and the pre-paid number was credited on 22/05. The option to book the XXL pack is however not available to book anymore on the O2 App.

Please advise?



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Hi @Liz L,


thanks for your message.


Please be aware of the fact that the package “o2 my Prepaid Data Pack XXL” can only be ordered once. As you have already ordered it on 21st April 2020, the app did not allow you to order the package again.


As you know this is a special campaign, and we only offer it once for each customer.


I hope you understand that.


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Hi Tobias

Thank you for the quick response, much appreciated!

Your response doesn't explain why I could order the promotion package for the second time on 20/05. If the option wasn't available on the O2app, then I wouldn't have transferred money to purchase it. As I mentioned, the sms I received only stated that I couldn't purchase the package due to insufficient credit- not that the package isn't available.

As I can't book the package I want to book- What would be the appropriate process to receive a refund?

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Hi Tobias,

Please Private messafe me?


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