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no signal sim

  • 15 February 2024
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Hellllo !!!! I reset my telephone 4-5 times and no Signal! 
i put kredit and i try to aktivated option and nothing work! And my sim no signal non stop ! What i can do more ?


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7 Antworten

Hello @Aiddda092,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

I assume this is about a Prepaid card that you’ve been using? Is this a completely new card that you are using for the first time or did it already work before? Have you already taken a look at the LiveCheck for any potential technical difficulties in your area?


Kind regards, Sven

I have this SIM KART 5 years . Never have this problem. Is first time and is from yesterday so .

I am in Romania since 2 weeeks and since yesterday my SIM Not working .. i take kredit and is gone and he show me i have minus 23€ and i Chargers 70€ .. and why no signal? 

Hello @Aiddda092 ,

assuming you are still in Romania, have you tried switching the network that you are connecting to. When you are manually selecting the network you might have to attempt this multiple times.


Kind regards, Sven

Hello ! I try alll !! Nothing’s work ‘s !! 

And last time i have -23€ and now -93 € .. where is the 70€ gone for what i charge ? And anyway NO Signal . I don’t use my phone ! 

Hello @Aiddda092,

I have checked your connection, the SIM card is currently blocked. Apparently there were problems with the direct debit top-up. Please see also our text message of February 16th.

Unfortunately, we cannot resolve this issue here in the community. Please contact our Prepaid customer service by telephone or chat: Kontakt

Best regards


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