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New customer number created on my name and i am getting the bills for the past 10 months


I am a long term O2 customer in Germany currently using 2 contracts.

In July 2023, I called O2 customer support to ask about the billing of my existing 2 contracts. 

End of July, I received a post mentioning that there has been another contract made on my name but I was not aware of this until I got the invoice (Kundennummer: XXXXXX). Immediately sent a cancelation request, but it was not process as well.

I don’t even know if the sim card is used by someone else. And I had not signed any contract or requested for new connection.

Since then I have called the O2 customer service around 20 times, visited O2 store for around 5 times. But they mentioned they could not help me with that.

Then I started getting posts from Inkasso so I called them as well 2 times. They mentioned, I need to resolve it directly with you and they were contacting me only to collect payment. 

Last time I contacted the O2 customer service, the representative mentioned that she will put the contract on hold for some time untill the problem is resolved.

I am fully exhausted running from O2 store to store and waiting for several hours on phone to be connected with the customer service. All for something I never requested. 

All the above struggles for something that I never asked for.

Kindly help me resolve this problem.





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Lösung von Bumer 14 March 2024, 09:47

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Make a contract challenge.

Contractual doubt

Hello @vinoth ,

once a contract has been passed on to Inkasso, we can’t really say anything about this anymore.
You should as Bumer already wrote fill out the form for “Identitätsmissbrauch” and send it in.


Kind regards, Sven

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