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New Contract Ordered - What's The Telephone Number?

I have just ordered a second contract (26.02), have received an email with lots of legal attachments and can now see in my account that the sim and contract have been posted.
What I can’t see is what the mobile and landline number will be for this contract.  Is it possible to find this out now?



Lösung von jonj 30 January 2020, 13:34

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Answering my own question.

My experience was that I ordered the new contract online on a Sunday, and received the SIM on the Wednesday.  It was only after activating the SIM that I received an SMS with the new mobile and landline numbers.

Hi @jonj,

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You can find both phone numbers of your second contract in the confirmation email you were sent; your mobile phone number should now pop up in your Mein o2 account or the Mein o2 app as a menu item on the left-hand side.

Additionally, the landline number appears in the Tarif & Vertrag section of the Mein o2 app and your Mein o2 account (you may have to click “Mehr” there to find it).

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Hi @o2_Jan ,

Thanks for your reply.  I did receive a confirmation email with both numbers, but only after I had received and activated the SIM.  I think I was just expecting to receive some information when I ordered the contract, but that’s OK, if I was really in that much of a hurry I could have gone to one of the o2 shops.  I think three days is good to have received everything.



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