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My O2 Prepaid s package didn't renew

I hope you are doing great and in good health.
I purchased my o2 sim start of this month with 6 GB data, yesterday my package expired so I added some credit to my account but so far no deduction and I am not sure my package also renewed or not as I am unable to see any data plan in my app.

Any response or help would be highly appreciated. 

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Hello @WaqarAhmad,

First, register your mobile phone number for the customer area. Then you can see if the option is waiting for charging. https://login.o2online.de/idm/#/registrieren/mobilfunk-vertrag

Best regards

Hello @Vilureef,

Thanks for your kind response.
I am already a registered customer and I am able to see this below error:

You have not currently booked a data volume, but it is also showing Data automatic loop duration: Active


Can you please guide me what to do now?

Hello @WaqarAhmad,

Here's a little guide:

Best regards

This 6 GB option is not visible for me

Hello @WaqarAhmad,

What do you have on this page?

Best regards

Hello @WaqarAhmad ,
welcome to our o2 Community. 😀
I have seen that you' habe now booked the Data Pack M with 5GB. 
Is everything the same now? 
Kind Regard, 

Yes I booked this new data pack as I was in need of it urgently but still I am unable to see 6 GB data option.

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Dear @WaqarAhmad ,

topping up credit can sometimes take some time, so it is always a good idea to top up in good time, otherwise the active pack cannot be rebooked.

Is the o2 My Prepaid S Pack visible to you again in the meantime? it should actually be there.

Have you checked whether it looks different in the online portal than in the app?

Kind regards,


Thank you so much for your kind response.
This is my first month here at Berlin and I was not aware that if I would not have credit then my initial bundle will not renew so I purchased the new one but my only question is that due to no credit my first bundle got cancelled so is it effect my Shufa rating? 

Any response would be highly appreciated.

Hello @WaqarAhmad,

No it hasn't. 😉

Best regards

Thank you so much for your kind response. 

Hello @WaqarAhmad, 💙

I hope everything is going well for you in Berlin?

It's great that you reached out here, and that all your questions have already been answered.

If you have anything else on your mind, feel free to reach out again.

Kind regards


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