Mobile bill after contract cancellation

  • 19 November 2020
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I’ve cancelled by O2 Mobile contract. But I didn’t download my last three months bill due to stuck in vacation (due to corona lockdown). But when I’m trying log-in into mein o2 to download the bill, its not working. Normally it should work for 90 days.


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6 Antworten

Hi @Agsankar 


welcome to our community. :relaxed:

Unfortunately the download after contract cancellation is default at the moment. If you agree and the contact address is still valid we are able to send you the desired invoices by mail.



Hi O2_Manga,

Thanks for the answer. To whom I’ve to communicate my contact address and contract number.


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Dear @Agsankar ,


the contact address ist still the same or has it changed?


Kind regards,


Contact address is still same.

Hi @Agsankar


thanks for your reply. 


Before I am able to send the needed invoices to you, I just need some more data from you. Therefore, you have just got a private message from me from @o2_Support. Please reply there to my request. 


Thanks a lot. 


Loving greetings,


Hi @Agsankar


until now, I did not receive any message under @o2_Support from you. 


Could you already clarify your issue concerning the missing invoices in another way?


If you need any further support, please let me know. 


Loving greetings,


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