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Kombi tariff beneficial or not?

  • 16 January 2020
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When I had a contract with O2, they gave me two sim cards with two different tarif, the one called O2 free M is the what actually I asked from O2. However, they gave me another tarif called O2 my Data S, which only have 1gb internet and that is all, no minutes. My question is: Am I paying extra money for this O2 my Data S? I mean, now I am paying around 33EUR for my hardware, 11.98Eur for tariffs. Will this amount decrease if I stop/cancel O2 my data S, which I am not using it at all? or is it actually possible to cancel this O2 my data S before my contract time ends?


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Hi @Amanmyrat,

welcome back to the forum!

You started two contracts in March 2019, both with heavy discounts. The o2 my Data S has a Kombi-Vorteil because it’s the second contract and therefor costs just 4,99 EUR per month.

If you really don’t use the second one, maybe you can let a family member or friend use it.

You can cancel either or both of those contracts until three months before the end of your 24-month contract period.

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