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Knowing about customer service email id

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I would like to ask about my kundigung which I have already sent via post but I was not intimated about it. What is the email id with which I can put my complain into the system? Can somebody tell me something in order to get information about mobile insurance?


Thank you


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What do you mean by “email ID”? Are you looking for an email address for customer service? If so, there isn’t one. Confirmation of your contract termination will appear on your next invoice (at the end in the section “gut zu wissen”).

Hi @Lubi87,

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Sad to see you wanting to end your contract, is there a special reason to do so? Maybe we can find a new offer that better suits your needs?

As of now, your contract has not been cancelled yet. The good news is that your contract still has a bit of runtime left anyway, so you won’t miss any deadlines if you go on cancelling it now.

To do so, you can use this form and send it in by registered mail or fax (to the address/fax number mentioned on the form).

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