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iphone order - inital payment 239 EUR


I order iphone 11 pro max 256. After ordering I got an email from o2 giving me an offer that I should deposit 239 EUR in my customer account and there was deposit link of acceptmail.com

Our personal offer for you:

We can offer you the IPHONE 11 PRO MAX 256GB if you deposit €239.00 as a balance into your O2 customer account by 05.01.2020 at the latest.”


I have made the payment but I have not received any confirmation email or any information about next steps.
From where I can see the this money in my customer account?

What are the next steps?


Lösung von o2_Tobias 8 January 2020, 13:21

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You will get treaty documents (e.g. a “Auftragsbestätigung” = confirmation of the order) by mail. Then you will be able to the see the data in your customer account. If the cellular is in stock it will be sent to you.

Because of the holidays the processes certainly are delayed.

I received an email from o2 regarding my order and order number to track it. But when I log in to my customer account and click the order status, the website does not work. If I logout and then click the order status then the website takes me to a page where I can fill my information and able to see my order. But on that page, it is written in progress about my order since Saturday and no information about the payment that I have already paid. Can you guys help me and become Santa Claus for me so that I can have my mobile before the new year.
Order number: WSHW36017551  


Waiting for your help guys.


Waiting for your help guys.

Mostly, pushing threads in this forum proves to be counterproductive, because the threads get at the end of the waiting list. :wink:

No response from you guys… your hotline is also in Deutsch… it looks like a dead end. Holidays are over man. Please ship my order.

You did not read my last post, did you?

I read that but if it’s not marked as solved then it shouldn’t go down in priority list. This is how their CRM should work. But it is frustrating for me now as I have problems with my current phone. 

OK. It‘s your choice to follow advices or not. 

I wish you all the best. 

Hi @SAMalik,


thanks for your patience.


Did your iPhone arrive in the meantime?


I look forward to your response.


Loving greetings,



I received my phone, yesterday. But the problem is I cannot find my order in my o2 online account. I want to see the payment that I have done already and my monthly billing for the hardware.

Hi @SAMalik,


thanks for your quick response.


Did you already registrate your phone in our website under “Mein o2”? Your find further details here: Registration Mein o2


In your case, please see all instructions under the point: “Registration for o2 My Handy”


After you have registrated your phone, you can see all details concerning the payment here: o2 My Handy


As you gave us a higher pre-payment at the beginning of your contract, the first monthly payments will start a few months later. We will use your prepayment to reduce the first rates.


Additional information is listed also here in German: Acceptemail


As you see, you need to registrate first of all your phone before you can see the open payments of your phone.


Thanks a lot.


Loving greetings,



Hi @SAMalik,


is everything clarified for you now?


I see that you registrated your phone at “Mein o2”.


If you have any other question, just feel free to contact our English community.


Loving greetings,


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