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iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • 10 September 2022
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Hello community! If i bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max with monthly payment, is it possible to ger it back and pre-order the 14 Pro Max ? In the announce it tells that with the old iPhone you can save almost 700€. 





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3 Antworten

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When you within 14 days "Widerrufsrecht" you can cancel the iPhone 13 pro max. When you're over the 14 days it's not possible. 

Hi @Andreea.Liubici,


thank you that you have contact the community with your question. You are always welcome here. 😊

Have you canceled the iPhone 13 and ordered the iPhone 14 in the while?

Thank you Bollermann for your answer. 😊


Best regards, Marco

Hi @Andreea.Liubici,


we would be happy, when you post a feedback here. 😊


Best regards, Marco

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