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Ich kann meine Rechnung in meinem persönlichen O2 nicht finden

Hallo. Ich kann meine Rechnung in meinem persönlichen O2 nicht finden.


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unter Rechnungen wird dir was genau angezeigt?


Hi @Georgian,
ich heiße dich in unserer Community herzlich willkommen :blush:

Hast du die Rechnungen online in Mein o2 oder in unserer App zwischenzeitlich gefunden?
Vielen Dank an Vilureef für die schnelle Hilfe :hibiscus:

Liebe Grüße


And sorry for my english answer. It’s quite easier fir me. 
Unfortunatelly i can’t reach my online invoice (it’s so disturbing). I have a few problems with my O2 connection soo far. I will try to explain below, and hope so, find some help.

  1. I can’t not download the O2 app for Germany. The message that i receive is “the app is not disponible for your country”. Very strange, because even i’m not a german citizen, the settings for my handy is for Germany. And i used it only in Germany🤷‍♂️.
  2. Due to this, i tried to used web fir my account. Again no success. No available info. For every request that i’ve made, like invoice, costs etc., i was redirectionated to o2 community.
  3.  For my invoice, i tried to used the directly payment from my account. Again no success. And because of this, i received at home, via post, the info for the payment, with some extra penality, because they didn’t reach to make directly from my account. Again so strange.
  4. I can’t send or receive any text sms, even all my settings are 100% ok.

Unfortunatelly i don’t have time to go into a shop, and i tried to resolve it online. Again no success.

Because if this, I choose to use only 1 sim of the two, even if one pays it in vain. 

So far my experience with O2 is not what I want 😶.



Hello @Georgian , 

that is quite strange actually.

Let us try to sort this:

  1. Is it possible for you to download any other german app and did you buy your phone in germany?
  2. Did you register your contract in Mein o2 already? Maybe you are online with a community account and that is the reason why you cannot see anything from your contract
  3. Do you have a german or a european bank account? If yes, the the payment should be possible
  4. since you have your contract, you dont receive or can send any sms?

Best regards, 


O2 is an impossible application. Why do I need a community, I just need an account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a little more and I’ll just go to another operator who respects its customers. 

Hello @Hehe ,

what exactly is the issue here? If you could describe it a bit clearer, then I’m sure we could help you with it.


Kind regards, Sven

Ich brauche mein Rechnung. Es ist nicht möglich, Ihr Büro zu betreten, das ist eine Verhöhnung einer Person, eine Art ständige Suche. 


why don't you come to My o2? You may need to register first.

Registration my o2

Hello @Hehe,

could you access your data after registration via the link Bumer wrote?

Or are you registered but cannot login? In that case, do you use the Mein o2 App or do you want to login via browser?

Best Regards,


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