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I lost my phone and simcard

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Hallo team,

Yesterday 2 September 2022 at around 9 pm i lost my phone with my wallet on the train when arriving to Stuttgart.

I tried to contact today but i could not reach anybody. Please can you tell me the steps to proceed in this case.


Thanks and regards



Lösung von Sergio_27 29 September 2022, 16:33

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Moin Moin,

should be possible to lock the sim with http://g.o2.de/HL-Sim-sperren

But if you lock the phone than you would be unable to locate the phone.

With a iPhone e.g. finde my phone https://www.icloud.com/find

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I didnt do found my phone. How can i lock and request a new sim card? and is it with the same number?


Another issue is that i am still paying for the phone, how to proceed in this case?


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Hi again, do you have the means locate and find my phone or track it?


You have to pay for the phone until it is payed. 

If you lost your phone than contact the „Fundbüro“ (Lost property office) from DB, maybe you have luck.

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Hi again, do you have the means locate and find my phone or track it?

can you tell me if the phone have been used to call or something? 



No. I am just a normal customer. Some brands as apple have a tracking service.

What kind of phone are u using?

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iPhone 12

Than use https://www.icloud.com/find Login with your Apple account!

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i managed to do this, it seems to be offline so far.

Hello @Sergio_27 , 

I am very sorry that you lost your phone ☹️

But I am also glad that schluej helped you.

Did you already lock your sim card and order a new sim card?

The mobile number stays the same. 

Did you also managed to locate your smartphone with the tracking service from apple or with a call at the lost property office?

This can also be interesting for you:


Best regards, 


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Thanks, i found the phone.

Hello @Sergio_27 , 

that are very good news! Thank you for keeping us updated. 😊

If you like to you can stay as long as you want in our community.

This article can be very helpful if you have questions to various topics around o2:


Best regards, 

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