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I extended my contract but the phone order was not placed. How can i change this?

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Hi there,


I extended my contract and chose the Quest 3 to go along with my contract since I want to continue using my existing phone. However, the extension went through and the price looks good but the Quest 3 was not added to the order? If I want to order it now, its much more expensive than it was when I went through the extension process. Can someone from o2 please assist? 






o2_Giulia, 04.03.2024, 15:17: verschoben von O₂ Mobilfunk: Vertrag & Tarife zu English O₂ Community: Mobile


Lösung von o2_Maren 18 March 2024, 19:11

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Hello @PJG90 😊,
I can't see the tracking number at the moment. You will be informed by e-mail as soon as the dispatch has taken place.

Kind regards, Maren 💙

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