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How do I pay my outstanding bills?

  • 30 November 2021
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How do I pay my outstanding bills?
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Yes, good question. How do you actually pay your bills? Maybe you're not quite sure? Maybe you've just signed a new contract and you're not sure if the bills are debited automatically or if you have to transfer them manually? We'll give you a little overview here! :nerd:


The questions that concern us here above all are: SEPA direct debit mandate or manual transfer. What are the advantages and disadvantages? How can you apply for the respective options or revoke them? But also: where can I see exactly which payment method I am currently using?

When you sign a new contract, extend your contract, buy a new mobile phone or you wish to change the payment method/bank details (IBAN), you will always come to the point where you decide whether you want to transfer the costs manually or whether o2 will automatically debit the costs from your account (SEPA direct debit mandate).


What exactly is a SEPA direct debit mandate?

With a SEPA direct debit, companies can collect invoice amounts due in Germany and other SEPA participating countries - provided, of course, that the debtor has a SEPA direct debit mandate.

There are various ways to obtain a mandate:


For new online contracts, you can agree to the SEPA procedure during the ordering process. You can also change the payment method/bank details online in My o2. It is also possible to agree to the mandate again in My o2 (but you have to log in to do this). For the confirmation you have to click on a special banner in My o2 to get to the confirmation page. If you do not agree to the mandate after some time, a link will be sent as a reminder by e-mail, SMS or letter.

You can find an explanation of how to register at My o2 and what you can set/change there yourself here:


Offline, the changes must be recorded accordingly. If Customer Care changes anything in your customer data, you will be sent the pre-filled new SEPA mandate. You must then sign and return this accordingly. The changes to the mandate are valid immediately.



Manual transfer

Alternatively, a manual bank transfer is possible as a method of payment. A written revocation of the direct debit authorisation is required for this.

For a bank transfer, please use the following bank details and always make sure to state your customer number in the reason for payment:

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Bank: HypoVereinsbank AG München
IBAN: DE16 7002 0270 0005 7131 53

In the case of a manual transfer, please note that it can take 1-2 days from the day of the transfer until o2 receives the payment. Therefore, please remember to transfer or pay the invoice amount in good time.



Note: If there is a delay in payment, either with a manual transfer or with a SEPA direct debit mandate, reminder fees may be incurred.


Latest Update: 11/2021

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