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(English) Prepaid tariff charged but no data


on Saturday 01 Jan 2020 I topped up 20 Euros on my O2 account and bought the Prepaid Data Pack XL. I received all the SMSs confirming the transaction and activation. Yet I have no data available. The system has my purchase history but say I have no data available.

How can I get any help? Nobody at the Physical stores can do anything. They asked me twice to go to the Hotline and I was treated really bad by the Hotline as I cannot speak proper German to explain all of this.

Thanks in advance.

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A booked option has a term of 28 days. You couldn't use it at all?


No. From the SMS it says I have the tariff active until the 28.02.2020 but the app or website, both say I have no data available, and it is not as if I have used everything, it says that there is no actual data, as I have never bought anything.

Ok, then you didn't mean January 1st, but February 1st. ;)
What is the status of the option? Active, inactive, waiting to be charged? https://www.o2online.de/ecare-prepaid/tarifdetails

If you look in Mein o2, you will see the sentence “Übersicht der letzen 6 Monate” (Overview of the last 6 months) in the middle of the following page: https://www.o2online.de/ecare-prepaid/uebersicht
Click once on the link and a window will open.
Check that the package is listed there and that there is a start and an end date.
If the start and end dates are identical, the package was not activated but deactivated.
Many users make the following mistake: They book an option and use it. Almost all options are automatically extended if the credit is sufficient. If you don´t have enough credit, the option is paused and if the credit should be sufficient after topping up, the option is automatically activated again. And here the users think that they have to reactivate the option and thereby cancel the option.

An o2 employee will review your question in the coming days. Perhaps it is possible that the credit will be refunded or the option reactivated.

Yes, you are right, I made a mistake, I topped up on the 01.02.2020.

The status says aktiv for “Datenautomatik Loop”.

Yes,  this is what I see in the overview: 

Produkt Abrechnungsperiode Enthaltenes Volumen Verbrauchtes Volumen Verbrauch nach Drosselung
o2 my Prepaid Data Pack XL 01.02.2020 - 01.02.2020 4096 MB 0 MB 0 MB


As you mentioned, the package was thus deactivated.

Is it possible that I can reactivate it myself?

Thank you for the answer!

Ok, the "well known user mistake" ;)
You cannot reactivate it yourself.
Unfortunately, you have to wait for further help if the hotline “doesn't want to understand you”.

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