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Sorry i dont know german. If it's wrong section  please  move  my topic  to appropriate  one. 

My question: i want to use o2 Internet via 4g, i don't want to rent o2 device, i have xiaomi f490 4g lte. Can i use it? 


Thanks in advance.

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Lösung von Tom_ 20 January 2024, 09:32

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i want to use o2 Internet via 4g,

Why? Is there no DSL, cable/DOCSIS or fibre optic connection available in your home?

Yeap, i live in small town

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Yes, it is possible, but the Xiaomi F490 (EU-Version?) is only a portable LTE Cat 4 Router.

(the speed will be worse than with a current smartphone/router)

I believe this router works with  150 mb/s so I'm up to ears in it. Yes it's eu version. Thanks for your answer.

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Yes, but “up to 150 Mbit/s” means that the Router can use only one LTE Band.


Newer Smartphones can use four or more LTE or 5G Carrierbands, so if more then one LTE Band is available, the Smartphone will be faster.

(With only one LTE Band I would expect approximately 10 to 50 Mbit/s)

Tom i guess you're right, i have searched a little and got this one: 


D-link dwr-960 lte router cat 7 wi fi ac1200


It'd  be interesting  to hear your opinion 

Hello @Hawkeye871 

Welcome to our o2 community 🙂

The D-link dwr-960 lte router with cat 7 instead of cat 4 is faster. Do you just want to use the internet function or do you need a telephojne function as well?



I would like to use dwr-960 for technology o2 hotspot using sim card is it possible? 

Hello @Hawkeye871,

do you mean the o2 Home SIM card? Yes, you can use it to access the Internet.

However, it is not possible to make phone calls with this router.

Best regards


Thanks for the answer

Hello @Hawkeye871

great that you've already received so much support 🤗 If you have any further questions, please contact us again 🙂

Best regards 

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