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  • 17 November 2020
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I have been unsuccessfully trying to cancel an old tariff as I upgrade over a year ago. I am now being charged my old tariff and my new one.  I've tried going into my O2 store, who then redirect me to the hotline, who then say its sorted but the money is still being withdrawn.  If I just cancel the standing order what will be the repercussions and how do I get a refund for the over payments?

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Dear @MAC20 ,


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We are talking about the prepaid number stored here in the forum?
Which pack do you want to use at the moment and which pack is charged additionally?


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I changed to a €15 tariff but am still being charged €9.99 as well. 

And yes its this prepaid number. 

Thanks for replying. 

So Andrea, any suggestions?



So Andrea, any suggestions?




It's great that I got a quick response Andrea but without any resolve this forum is pretty redundant.   Yet again I have hit a brick wall with the helpline from O2. Its all frustrating and not fabulous customer service.   It surely can't be that hard to rectify a mistake you've made. 

Hi @MAC20 

I have checked your concern and found out what is happening each month.

You have chosen a package called o2 My Prepaid M. This product has a period of 28 days (!). You allow us to debit the fee for this package on the first of each month. But there is a gap between the charging and the end of the My Prepaid M Pack of two or three days. To protect you from highspend using the internet during this time the dayflat is activated automatically by 99 ct a day. 

So if you want to avoid using the dayflat please let us know because then we are going to cancel it and you will be throttled to 32 kbit/s after the 5.5 GB are used. 



Thanks for your reply.  This is new information to me and not what previous employees had informed me.

When I originally moved to the €15 prepaid we did ask for the old tariff to be discontinued. So yes I woud like the €10 to be stopped and I would like a credit for the months I have been charged twice as you have done this without my consent. 


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Dear @MAC20 ,


sorry to keep you waiting for the answers here, we are very busy and are working our way through all questions and feedback as fast as possible. :confused:

I just took a look for you again. The Surf-Day-Flat cannot be cancelled, it is part of your tariff if no pack is booked.
So that it doesn't start automatically anymore you have to change the charge for your account.
Up to now, you always top up a certain amount of money on the 1st of each month. When your o2 My Prepaid M expires, it does not automatically recharge itself immediately, but will wait in the queue until you have enough money on your SIM card on the 1st of the month. You should therefore change your booking in such a way that a certain amount of money is always booked onto the prepaid card if the amount falls below a minimum amount.  Then the pack will be reactivated immediately and there will be no gap where the Surf-Day-Flat starts.
The option for this would then be: automatically top up if the credit falls below 15 Euros (price of your actuel pack)
Thus, after booking the pack, 15 euros are immediately topped up again and it can then be automatically booked the next time.

I am sorry, but I cannot refund the fees for you, because you used the internet when no flat was activated.


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