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data usage in abroad (within EU)

  • 26 November 2019
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My mobile cannot be used in abroad (within the EU) even though the data roaming was verified, it was connected to one of the local network providers automatically, and received message that “Datenroaming in XXX kostet in Ihrem Tarif so viel wie in Ihrem Inlandstarif. Schöne Reise wünscht Ihnen o2!" kind of message.

I am not sure whether my data roaming in abroad is locked, I have to do something with my APN setting (iPhone), or it was just because bad network issue.

Although I tried the customer service hotline for several times, it was all in German and I couldn’t understand how to do. Also I went to the O2 shop but the staff was too unfriendly to let me know anything just playing with his phone.  

It is very appreciated if someone has/had a similar experience and give me any clues.

8 Antworten

Hi @na44aya,

welcome to the o2 community!

I have looked at your contract details, and there is no sign that the usage from abroad is restricted, it’s all greenlit and ready to go, as far as our technical side is concerned.

As mundane as it may sound: have you tried turning your phone completely off and on again?
Sometimes it can also help to manually set your data connection to “3G/UMTS” and then back to “automatic”, because occasionally smartphones automatically search for an LTE connection and if that one isn’t available locally, the phone “assumes” there is no data connection available at all.

Best regards,

No such on/off or automatic/manual settings still do not make any difference. Even though it sometimes looked like it connected to the one of the local networks, I couldn’t use data transmisson.  

Hi @na44aya,

that is rather unusual indeed. Have you set the APN to internet ?

Best regards,

what do you mean set the APN to internet? Any specific setting is required? 

Hi @na44aya,

the APN in the “internet connection” settings on your phone needs to be set to internet for it to find a connection.

Best regards,

yes it is connected to internet but it still makes no difference. 

Dear o2_Jan,


It has been a month and I got neither your reply nor solution for this matter. 

I got tired of asking/looping/not-solving this issue for more than 3 months and I would like to terminate the current contract due to your poor service even though I would have to pay so to say 3 months fees for it. 

Where should I get a termination form?


Best regards,


Hi @na44aya,


sorry for leaving you so long alone with your difficulties to use mobile internet in another EU-country.


Did you already try to change manually your provider? Some providers abroad do not offer intenet-connections or LTE.


Please find here a list of providers with whom we work together: providers abroad Behind each provider-name you find also the connectivity they offer.


I regret that you like to cancel your contract. You find here the exact procedure that I ask you to follow: cancellation because of moving abroad


I hope I could help you with this information.


Loving greetings,


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