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cracked screen

I ordered a Xiaomi 14 pro not a month ago. My phone fell and the screen of the camera cracked amd broken. I just want to know if I can bring this to the shop and have it fixed, and do I need to pay for anything?

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Wenn du keine Handy-Versicherung abgeschlossen hast, wirst du selbst die Reparatur bezahlen müssen.

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That is unfortunate, that your new Xiaomi 14 Pro fell and the screen cracked. 

If you do not have an assurance for your smartphone, the possibility is very high that you have to pay yourself. You can do this via a repair place, via Xiaomi and also via our repair portal. There you can register with the IMEI of your Xiaomi 14 Pro and enter the exact damage and you will most probably get a cost estimate and can then decide whether to prceed with a repair via our portal.

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I have a contract for 2yrs for the phone. Doesn't it include a warranty ??

Ein Schaden durch Sturz fällt nicht unter Garantie oder Gewährleistung...

You took out a 2-year installment loan to pay for the cell phone. In Germany, you get a 2-year warranty (Gewährleistung) on a device. But that only covers defects that were inherent in the manufacturing process.

If you drop your cell phone, that is negligent, but that is not included in the warranty.

You then have to have the cell phone repaired or live with the defect. You also have to pay for the cell phone if you can no longer use it.

What you could have done at the beginning was to take out insurance that also covered negligence. If it was insured, it would have paid for the damage.

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A warranty covers manufacturing defects. Dropping your phone is a risk you can insure against. If you didn’t take out insurance then you you will have to pay to have the phone repaired.

By the way, you don’t have a 2-year contract for the phone. You purchased the phone and are paying for it over two years in monthly instalments.

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I see that many detailed answers have already been given to you. Is something still unclear that you need help with?😊

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