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  • 16 Januar 2020
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I missed two payments because I didn’t know how much I was supposed to pay, since my contact ended in october I could never log back into my own o2 account anymore. 

There being said, a collection agency/attorney sent me an email saying I owe them 170 euros. (100euro for hte bill and 70euro for anwaltskosten)


I have sent the bill money to telefonica Germany iban (where I usually pay the bill) and remainder to the attorney iban. 


It should be okay, right? Since telefonica germany can see that I’ve paid my missing payments and attorneys should get their costs. 

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Hi @leilosx,


thanks for your message.


I will check yopur open payments. Therefore, I have just sent a private message via @o2_Support to you. Please reply there to my private message.


Thanks a lot.


Loving greetings,


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