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I sent the cancellation letter two weeks ago.  And last week there was a call from o2.  The employee said, "I accepted the cancellation, so I will send you an email."  However, a week has passed and I haven't received the email yet.  Also, in this case, will I be unable to use my cell phone after August 1st?

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Hello, @mizuki125 
we have received the cancellation and have already processed it.
You should receive the confirmation within this week. Please be patient a little longer.


Best, Alina


Hello, I have to leave Germany because of a family emergency, and unfortunately, I need to cancel my contract with O2. I've been living in Brazil for the last five months, and I need to stop paying for a service I don't use because I'm on a different continent with an ocean between the O2 internet and my computer. PLEASE, how can I cancel the contract by e-mail? Thank you for the help. 


Hi @Marcelo R 🙂

did you manage to cancel your contract or can we still assist you?

The fastest option to cancel your tariff is online via our “Mein o2 App” (my o2) if your account is registered. Do you have a tariff with a contract term of 24 months?


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Hey. I can download the App here because it is a different Apple store, and we don’t have O2 in Brazil. How can I cancel using the website? 

Thank you for your answer. 


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Hi @Marcelo R, yeah that´s a long way across the ocean.

You can also cancel the contract at the Mein o2 Website. You will it under Vertrag verwalten.

Kind regrads, Ines.

Hello together, 

you can find the new answers under the following link: 

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