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I hope this message reaches you promptly. I am writing to urgently address a critical issue regarding my account that remains unresolved despite previous interactions with your team. During recent calls to customer support, I received two additional SIM cards  without clear disclosure of contractual terms after 14 days. Despite assurances from representatives, the issue persists, leading to unintended charges and unnecessary complexity. I request immediate cancellation of the redundant SIM cards and reversal of associated charges. Please confirm receipt of this request and provide a timeline for resolution.


o2_Giulia, 14.06.2024, 17:34: verschoben von O₂ Mobilfunk: Vertrag & Tarife zu English O₂ Community: Mobile

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I am writing to urgently seek help with an unresolved issue regarding my O2 phone number contract despite multiple calls to your hotline.

On my first call, I changed my package to the 120GB data plan with an iPhone 13 Pro installment for 59.99 euros. I was offered a free SIM card without any mention of a contractual obligation after 14 days. I repeatedly confirmed it was free, then he send me a contract via email but at that time something wrong with the system, I did not receive any email about the contract unti the next day. The call ended with the representative promising to call back, but I never heard from him again.

Subsequent calls were made to downgrade to a more affordable package. Another representative offered me additional free SIM cards, which he said free again. However, after all, I received two additional SIM cards, I contacted customer service multiple times. They checked my account and said I only had one phone number with the O2 M package, with no new orders.

I keep tried to make another another call, the this time the guy a assured me they would resolve the issue after consulting with their supervisor, but I have not received any follow-up.

Now, I have three SIM cards, each incurring a monthly charge, and I just received a bill for 88.84 euros for the two new SIMs. I called the hotline again and was promised a refund of approximately 80 euros as a one-time connection fee, but the two new SIMs are active and past the 14-day regulation, so they cannot be canceled.

I cannot understand how this situation has escalated. Now I just freak out thingking that I have to pay for two sSIM cards that I will never uses.

Please help me.


o2_Giulia, 14.06.2024, 19:23: Beiträge zum gleichen Thema zusammengelegt

Hello @hoa le,

welcome to our o2 Community and please excuse our late reply.

I regret that it seems that unwanted contracts have been signed. We are happy to help you.

Did you receive any documents about the new contracts by email? Normally, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal for contracts signed online and by phone. However, no such withdrawal was submitted, have I understood that correctly? The new contracts were signed over the phone?

Best regards


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