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Automatic Data-Upgrade (Datenautomatik)

Automatic Data-Upgrade (Datenautomatik)
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Automatic Data-Upgrades are an option that have been included in the earlier generations of the tariff portfolio.

The current tariffs with the name o2 Free do not include this data upgrade anymore. The new o2 Free tariffs include their fixed high speed data volume. 

The following information are for the data upgrades which are included in the older tariffs since 1st of October 2015:

What are the benefits of the automatic data-upgrade?

The automatic data-upgrade ensures that there is always enough data-volume provided for you.You can continue surfing in consistent LTE-high-speed even after the included data-volume has been consumed.


How do I get the automatic data-upgrade?

The option is included in the older contracts. If you already have a mobile contract with us and the requirements are met, you can change into our new tariffs when you extend your contract.


How does the automatic data-upgrade work?

We will activate an additional data-package for you, if the included data-volume is insufficient. The amount of data-volume you will get and the price varies depending on your tariff:




Up to three data-upgrades can be used within a month. We will inform you of every booking in advance via SMS.


What happens if I consume all three upgrades within a month?

If you consumed the included monthly data-volume of your tariff and the respective data-upgrade have been used up three times, your surf speed is reduced as contracted. We will inform you about that in advance via SMS.
In order for you to keep surfing the internet with high-speed speed, you will get additional offers for data-upgrades which you can activate if needed via SMS or in the "Mein O2" area.


I already have a surf-upgrade. What happens if I consume the included data-volume?

Once you consume all of the included data-volume of your surf-upgrade the automatic data-upgrade takes effect. We will activate an additional data-package whereby the included data-volume and the price complies with your original tariff. You will be informed about the booking via SMS.The automatic data-upgrade will be activated up to a maximum of three times a month.


Does the automatic data-upgrade apply abroad?

No, the automatic data-upgrade only applies within the german O2 mobile network.


Where do I see if the automatic data-upgrade is active?

In your Mein o2 Portal on your computer or in your Mein o2 App you can check your data volume usage. If the automatic data-upgrade is activated, you can see it there as well.


How can I deactivate the option?

For deactivating you can contact the customer support, or do it on your own right here: Click.


We will activate an additional data-package with 100 MB for 2,00€ for contracts that have been concluded until 30.09.2015. Three data-upgrades can be used within a month. About every booking we will inform you in advance via SMS.


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Latest Update: 01/2021

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