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Almost one month I have unstable and slow internet connection

I really have too many issues at this point and don’t know where to begin. 


Since december, I got a O2 homespot device and a SIM card (O2 Free Unlimited Max Online (LTE/5G)) for mobile wlan. For about first 3-4 months I had normal connection, sometimes a little slow but that was okay as it would get back to good speed. About one months back, it started a problem where the connection would drop and get back online multiple times everyday. The problem has since become so bad that the connection drops every 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it only comes back online after I turn the device on and off. This makes it almost impossible for me to attend meetings and work from home and especially difficult during meetings. 

I tried making many complaints, but this problem is yet not solved. 

When I spoke to customer service about my droopping connection they keep saying it’s my homespot device problem. Even after I have said this to customer service they are trying all possible options except actually accept something is wrong with the connection and terminate my contract. 


I really cannot emphasize how important it is that my connection is working properly. I am tired to calling time and again being on the phone for hours and nothing working. 


If I can not use internet why I am paying for it, I want terminate my contract. Is it possible.


Location: 29565 Wriedel


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Hello @udurdyyev,

thank you for your enquiry with us!
Have you possibly already checked the live check to see exactly what the network coverage looks like at your location? You can find the live check here: Click.
You can find instructions for the live check in English and first aid tips here:

If I run through this for your postcode, I get the following result:

Work is currently underway on a base station. It is expected that the fault will be repaired tomorrow. The best thing to do is to check again tomorrow. Then we can see how we can credit you with the temporary restriction, for example.

Kind regards
Jessica 🌷

I have o2 free L mobile internet but it is really bad. I can never make video calls especially. It freezes every time and never pulls. Why is the internet so bad?

Hi @seventhson 😊

did you use our Live-Check Jessica mentioned above? In case of any network errors of a base station it’s shown if you type in your current address. Are there maybe any issues?


Best regards,


Hi @seventhson 😊

did you use our Live-Check Jessica mentioned above? In case of any network errors of a base station it’s shown if you type in your current address. Are there maybe any issues?


Best regards,


Hello I have used it but it doesn’t show any problem there.


Benutzerebene 7

Hello @seventhson thank your for your post. Please use the Feedback Option in your Screenshot. You can inform the technicians that there is something wrong with the network in your area.
If you are needing further assistance, please let us know.

kindly regards

I have the same problem with the hotspot. It is very unstable. Right now even the websites are not loading. I can't wait for optic fiber to be available in my area. Is the second Internet provider that sales unicorns with a 2 years contract. 

Hey @madapro03,

Have you checked whether there is a fault in your neighbourhood? Please have a look at our Livecheck.


Yes, of course. Because the neighbours are my internet providers, not O2. I just love leaving snarky comments for O2 out of boredom. If there's something faulty is your company's equipment and that should be fixed. Are u a robot? 

Hey @madapro03,

Sorry. "Fault" was not the right word here. Unfortunately, I'm not a native speaker. I meant rather if there is a "malfunction" in our network. You can check this with the link I gave you.

Of course you can also give me a cross street and a postcode and I'll check it for you :) 


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