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technician didn't come twice

  • 16 January 2020
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I finally had my DSL connected on 2nd January, it lasted for 5 days before it stopped working.


o2 then set me up with an appointment for a technician to come and fix it. I took time off work, waited at home for 6 hours, nobody came. I complained, they set me up a new appointment 5 days later, I took time off work, sat at home for 6 hours and nobody came.


I complained again and was told I would be contacted with a new appointment, nobody contacted me. I contacted o2 again to set up a new appointment and told me they had booked it but couldn’t provide me with confirmation and also couldn’t confirm with me 100% if a technician would actually show up this time. When I asked if somebody could call me if the technician couldn’t come, they said no.


All in all they were really rude about it, and I’m not wondering whether or not I take time off work - yet again - for a technician that may or may now show up. I’m honestly so unimpressed with the service.


Has anybody else had this much of an issue with organising something like this? I’m at a total loss for what to do.

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Hi @eeeliza12,


welcome to our community. It looks like you got your issue solved already. Usually we are unable to confirm if the technician will be right in time. There might be some troubles passing his way. I apologize for it.



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