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Support in English declined. How to get support (Prepaid number to a different provider)

Good Morning

  • Is there any way of getting support in English by phone?
  • If not, how I can cancel my contract with O2 and requesting to keep my current number when moving to another provider?
  • Is there any way of raising a complaint in English? Or it must be done in German?

For whom  wanted to know why I am asking this:

I used the O2 help service  through My O2 app requesting a call back. In the comments I specified that I would need assistance in English in a very polite way . This not only did not happen, but also the woman “assisting ” me just repeated me “Kein English ” adding that they do not provide English support. She did not even try to redirect me to someone who could speak English, she did not even try to help, just to repeat that they do not provide English support and she just hang up. That was not only not supportive but extremely rude and unacceptable , therefore I am leaving O2.

Interestingly, I could get the contract speaking English, so when it is something related to me paying, then they can provide support in English, when it is me needing help, then they are rude.

Totally unacceptable.


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@Aerokkinen maybe you can tell us what problems you have.  DSL or mobile area? I think in one, two day an english spoken o2 moderator try to help you.

@Joe Doe many thanks for your answer.

I would just need O2 mobile team to release my current phone number so that I can keep it and use it with my new provider.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards


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@Aerokkinen it is a prepaid number from you. Correct?

@Joe Doe that is correct, it is a prepaid SIM card.

Hi @Aerokkinen,

welcome to the o2 community!

I’m sorry to hear that the phone call was less than helpful, of course that’s not how things should go.

I have now cleared the porting order for your prepaid phone number, this means you can now contact your new provider and ask them to import it to your new contract or prepaid card.

Please make sure that all your customer data at your new provider exactly matches your current data at o2 (even if there has been some updated data like a new address in the meantime) to ensure the transfer will work.

Also, please make sure to keep the phone charged with at least 24.95 EUR, as this is the sum you will be charged for once the transfer has been successful.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us here in the o2 community.

Best regards,

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