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Status of my moving internet request

  • 25 January 2020
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Dear Customer Service,

I have requested to move my internet connection to another address, and, I have already provided all the required information to O2 customer support.

Now, the problem is that I received a call from the O2 customer support team, and the lady wasn't able to speak English, and I was unable to speak German, so she disconnected the call right away without connecting me to someone who speaks English. But when I was signing the O2 contract, everybody from the support team was able to speak, and now once I'm O2 customer, the support team becomes weird and rude (if I couldn't speak German).

Well, I just would like to know the status of my change internet address request because, in the O2 portal, this message is still appearing for the last couple of days “Status:  Ihr Auftrag ist noch in Bearbeitung. Dies kann in Einzelfällen bis zu 48 Stunden dauern.”

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you in advance.


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1 Antwort

Hi @MuhammadAdeel,

welcome to the o2 community!

Apparently, quite a lot has happened within the last few days regarding your dsl connection, :relaxed: moving it seems to have been successful, is everything now working as expected?

Best regards,

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