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slow dsl speed after Umzug

Hello togher,

I have o2 DSL M tarif (100/40)
After moving to a new address, the connection speed dropped from 100 to ~ 59 Mbps.

My router shows that the curent speed is 63672Kbps.
At the same time “Verfürbarkeit” shows that up to 175 Mbps available at my address.

What could be the issue? Is it possible to switch vdsl connection to profile 30a?

P.S. I have another router which gives me the same speed so I do not supposed the problem is related to my modem.


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I have o2 DSL M tarif (100/40)

There is no tariff with this name. Please check your order confirmation to see which tariff you have ordered, with which services and at what price. 
Even if faster speeds may be possible at the desired address, you can only use the maximum speed of your tariff. The DSL synchronisation data suggests that this is a 50 Mbit/s tariff. 

Hi @blablup

Sorry. My mistake. The correct tariff name is “O2 my Home L Flex (2020)”.

Hello @fater,

welcome to our o2 Community 😀

Please excuse my late reply. I have checked your contract, your tariff should offer a maximum of 100 Mbit/s.

Your connection is currently experiencing a relatively high number of disconnections. This is probably why the bandwidth has been throttled to improve connection stability.

Please check the cables of the router and reconnect all cable connections. Please replace defective cables.

Are there any additional devices used on the connection, e.g. repeaters or powerline adapters, that could potentially disrupt the connection? Then please deactivate it in order to find out if they cause the problems.

Are there several telephone sockets in your apartment?

You had now also reported the performance problem to our telephone customer service. An error could not initially be identified here. If the above points don't help, you should call them again so that a technician can take a look at the connection.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards


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