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refund for not having internet for 3 months

I’m super angry that I’m paying for nothing for 3 months from November.

i dont habe Wi-fi from November, and i called and made appointment a lot.

and technician cancelled few times and each time i needed to wait them 8:00-14:00.

and needed to make appointment again again again.

and few days ago, finally technician came  to  my house. and Wifi was working for few hours.

and again broken… and i called  and again made  appointment.

and i need to wait again 8:00-14:00.

its super bad.

im also working and i have to work.

its too much.

you should refund the money for 3 months. 

because i paid for nothing.

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Hi @hiroaki0527,


welcome to our community. I regret that you got in trouble with our technical support and I apologize for it. As soon as the problem is solved the whole period of invalid connection is refunded. Gladly we we check this matter for you but therefore we need your customer number or the landline. Please write a PM to


Looking forward to your reply.



Hi @hiroaki0527,


I sent a reply to your PM. Please note.


Hi @hiroaki0527 ,


I just want to ask you if you already clarify the issue with your bill ?


If you have any further questions, just contact us here in our English community.


Greetings, Solveig


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