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  • 12 October 2019
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Wenever I call someone with my new O2 mobile number the recipient cannot see my number. On their phone it appears as Private number or anonymous. I have not chosen any ID hiding features. Can anyone please help me with the situation?

Lösung von Joe Doe 12 October 2019, 21:59

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9 Antworten

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@Asif23 what answer you get if you deal *#31#

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@Asif23 what mobile you use? Are your settings at your phone really correct for call id?
I am using pixel 3a. I think the settings are ok, because I tested with other son, and no problem there
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@Asif23 Can you check again the settings and change to show number, if you not already done it.
It worked. Thank you 😊


I have the same problem, but when calling from my normal home line (DSL). When I make a call the receiver doesn't see my number, it appears as private. This is happening since I changed to 02 a couple of weeks ago. Has anybody have this problem and any hints how to solve it? 



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@Jose3 you must activate Calling Line Identification for your DSL line. You can made over hotline (Chat or Phone) or an o2 Moderator.

Thank you very much, Joe. I chatted with the service and they just fixed it, thanks a lot for the hint.


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