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No Kabel internet after activation date

Hi o2,

I moved to a new address and decided to take my o2 contract for Kabel internet with me. I have a Fritz!Box 6660 Cable Router from o2.

Unfortunately, after the activation date on 5.10, the internet does not work and the Power/Cable light continually flashes. The WLAN light is on, however. When I ran a diagnostic with the fritz service, the result is “no internet”. I have tried factory resetting the router and using the o2 my service app, but nothing has fixed the issue.

I have already tried calling the service hotline regarding this issue but after waiting on hold and being transferred to the technical department, I was hung up on :(

Hopefully I can get some assistance here?



Lösung von o2_Matze 18 October 2022, 18:06

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Moin Moin,

if power blinks there is not Sync. Are you able to receive cable TV on a TV?

Could you ask a neighbor to test you FRITZ!Box on his cable connection?

Du you have a 3 port socket or 2 port socket for cable TV?


I have a three port socket. I tested the TV port and it seems I can not receive cable TV either. I will reach out to my landlord and see if they can fix the cable port - hopefully that leads to a solution! 

Thanks for your suggestion :)


Please report the problem to O2 too!

in older days there was filter for people who won’t pay for cable tv. That problem could only solved by a technical expert.

I contacted my landlord and they said that the flat can be connected to the internet via a FTTH- Anschluss (Glasfaser bis in die Wohnung). I think the main problem is there is no Kabel connection at the flat. I called o2 on Monday and reported the issue. Unfortunately they are not able to provide internet via Glasfaser to my address, so they said I would receive a call from a technical expert to see if they could fix the Kabel connection.

I’m still waiting for the call, hopefully it will be soon because I need internet as soon as possible, and if the Kabel connection can not be fixed, I would need to arrange for another supplier.  


Hi @lgwal 

Welcome to our o2 Community.

As I can see, my colleagues have arranged a tariff change. Your connection will now be switched to DSL.

I have one more question: Did you also talk about a new router? In this case you cannot use your previous cable router, you need a new DSL router.

So if this topic was left out: There are two options. You can either rent a device from us or buy a compatible router (e.g. Fritzbox 7530) from a specialist retailer by yourself (Mediamarkt, Saturn, Amazon etc) 

Best Regards Matze 

Hi @o2_Matze

Thanks for following up. The support person on the phone did mention that I could order the DSL router closer to the DSL activation date, but I would also prefer to organize it earlier and would like to rent a compatible router from o2. What’s the best way to arrange renting the DSL router and the return of the cable router? 

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@lgwal Send back o2 rented router only over the o2 return portal.

keep the DHL receipt.


Hi @o2_Matze ,

I checked the status of my order and it says: 

Aktuell ist es leider doch nicht möglich, Ihnen einen O2 DSL-Anschluss zur Verfügung zu stellen. Wir melden uns in Kürze bei Ihnen, um das weitere Vorgehen zu besprechen.

I called the o2 hotline, was transferred to a technician who was going to transfer me to another department, but the call was disconnected. Can you please look into this and find out what the issue is and what the next steps are?


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Dear @lgwal ,

the only thing I can find, that the location information is not clear, I can't see anything more to it. 😕

Kind regards,


Hi @o2_Andrea ,

hmmm that’s odd, I gave the exact same location details as the Kabel contract and for the first technician visit, so not sure what else is needed.

What should I do now? I want to make sure the internet connection is set up as soon as possible, especially because I am still being charged even though I don’t have internet at my flat :( 


Hello @lgwal,

our customer support needs the following information: Is “Haus 2” correct? Do you have information on the previous tenant in your appartment (name and if possible his old landline number in the appartment)? It is likely that the DSL line is still occupied by him/her.

Please call our English hotline to clarify this, so we can continue with the installation. It would also be a good idea to order the router with them as well right away.

If you need further assistance, please let us know.

Best regards



Hi @o2_Giulia 

Yes Haus 2 is correct. I called the English hotline today and provided the previous tenant’s dsl contract details as requested. Hopefully the technical team can be provided these details too so they can continue with the installation. 

I also placed the order for a dsl router on the call, so hopefully that will arrive within the next week.







Hello @lgwal ,

from what I can see, things are moving along now. Please keep us informed about how things are going with the DSL order and if there are any further questions then ask away.


Kind regards, Sven

Hi @o2_Sven 

I think things are moving along, hoping to get connected on 14.11 with a DSL connection (still waiting on the DSL router from O2 to be delivered though!).

I returned the old Kabel router using the return service portal, and the DHL shipment tracking status says it was successfully returned on 26.10.2022. However, I haven’t received any confirmation that the router has been returned successfully, in fact, I have received a few emails saying the shipment hasn’t been registered in the logistics center...what should I do in this case? 

Hello @lgwal ,

I wouldn’t worry about the lack of confirmation concerning the router, if the logistics department has a lot to do, its not out of the ordinary that it takes some time until you get a mail about the router’s return.

Keep us appraised about how things go on the 14. with the connections. Hopfully everything goes smoothly as planned.


Kind regards, Sven

Hi @o2_Sven ,

I checked the status again and it looks like the Kabel router has now been returned and processed :).

I had a question about the activation appointment on the 14th. I was on the phone with the English hotline and they said the router will be sent after the activation appointment. I wanted to double-check that I don’t need a router for the appointment (since a technician has to come on the day to unlock the DSL line). I’m assuming it won’t be a problem that I won’t have a router on the day? I am also worried that I might be sent a Kabel router, and not a DSL router. That should be specified in the order right?


Hi @lgwal,
yes, we send you a new homebox 3 for a dsl connection after we activated the landline on 14th november. For activation you don´t need a router. Option changes are only possible for an activated account or it have to be cancelled. Therefore we create an order for our colleagues to make the option change on the day of activation. On that day, the change order is posted and shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation of it.


Hi @o2_Larissa 

The connection was activated on the 14th of November - do you know when I should expected the homebox 3 to be delivered? It’s already been a week and I haven’t heard anything so I technically still don’t have internet at my flat...


Buy a FRITZ!Box 75x0 from eBay. Will work very fine.

Hello @lgwal ,

from what I can see the router has been delivered to you and the connection is up and running. Is everything going as expected on your end or do you have any further questions for us?


Kind regards, Sven

Hi @o2_Sven 

Correct - router has arrived, been set up, and I have internet at the flat :)

Thanks for the support on here!


Hello @lgwal ,

thanks for the report, it’s good to hear that everything is now running smoothly.


Kind regards, Sven

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