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is there any extender with Mesh compatibility for Home spot 5G?

We have a home spot 5G at home from O2. The question is that which extender is compatible with that to be able to make a mesh network? 


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Since the o2 Homespot 5G has a LAN port, you can use any WLAN mesh set via this. You then deactivate the WLAN function of the o2 Homespot. 

Hello @Mkalantari87 ,

did the answer from blablup already help you or can we support you any further? Maybe you’ve already set up your new homenetwork with a mesh solution as suggested?


Kind regards, Sven


the answer helped a lot actually I did the same, bought the cheapest TP link only router (around 38 Euro) with the Mesh tech. Possibility and the cheapest Extender with Mesh tech. (also TP link around 18 Euro) and now I have the internet in the whole house with Mesh. I suggest that to everyone who has the O2 Homespot 5G. I saw that many users who has this Modem type have connection problem in case of iPhone. This solution is the best to solve that and also to have the Mesh too with the cheapest way. 

Hello @Mkalantari87 ,

it’s good to hear back from you. I’m happy that a separate router for the WLAN-Mesh worked really well as a solution for you.


Kind regards, Sven

gents, turning off wifi on one end is not implementing wifi mesh. Mesh capabilities are understood as access points can connect to each other by only using wifi (no copper wire / ethernet cable). if you use compatible wifi endpoints, you can also assist seamless roaming for wifi clients. So for me, question is not answered about O2 5G mesh capabilities.

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The wifi access point integreated in the o2 Homespot 5G router does not offer mesh capabilities. If you want mesh, you must use your own set of several wifi access points that support mesh. I hope it’s now clear enough for your. 

Hey @Daniel5G,

Have all your questions been answered so far? Is everything working now? :) 


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