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Incorrect Invoice and Poor Internet

  • 24 November 2023
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Dear O2 Customer Service Team,

I am writing to address two persistent concerns that have been discussed over the phone in the past six months, and unfortunately, they remain unresolved despite multiple attempts to seek assistance.

  1. Incorrect Monthly Charges: For the past six months, I have consistently observed an additional charge of €10 on my monthly invoice for home internet connectivity The connection was initially established under my husband's name- and was transferred to mine earlier this year. During the transfer of the contract, I was assured that my phone plan and home internet would be amalgamated, resulting in a monthly charge of €24.99 for internet services, with adjustments to be made from the second month onward. This was precisely what my husband was paying as well. Regrettably, despite numerous phone conversations highlighting this issue, the plan has not been revised, and the excess deductions have not been rectified even after the assurance provided from the 2nd month.

  2. Persistent Poor Internet Connection: Equally concerning is the persistently poor internet connection that has been an ongoing issue for my home internet. Despite lodging complaints over the phone on numerous occasions, including twice in the last two days, a satisfactory resolution has not been provided. This continuous lack of support is both frustrating and disheartening, especially given the consistent payments being made for the service. I urgently request immediate attention to resolve the connectivity issues and seek fair compensation for the prolonged inconvenience.

I genuinely appreciate your prompt attention to these matters, as they have been a source of considerable inconvenience over the past several months. If these concerns are not addressed promptly, regrettably, I will be compelled to explore legal avenues and involve legal representation to resolve the issues at hand. I trust it won't come to that, and we can find a swift and satisfactory resolution.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to your prompt response.

Best Regards,

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5 Antworten

Hello @MonikaMohanan,

welcome to our o2 Community 😀

I regret that there have been problems with your billing and that our customer service has not been able to help you yet.

I have taken a look at your contract. The combination advantage (Kombi-Vorteil) no longer applied after merging your contracts. I'll have it reactivated so that you get the 10 EUR discount again in the future.

Please let us know again when you have received the confirmation so that we can issue a refund for the overcharged fees in the last few months.

You had already contacted our technical support regarding the internet problem. Was the problem resolved in the meantime and is everything working to your satisfaction now?

Best regards


Hello @o2_Giulia ,

Thank you for your response and taking this up.
I have had a couple of calls with the tech support last week and finally I was told that a technician would be visiting on Monday 27.11.23(that was yesterday between 8am-2pm)- I in fact received a ticket and a reminder yesterday morning of the technician visit. Unfortunately, no one turned up and this is beyond frustrating now.
I haven’t received any confirmation yet on the account merging yet, hopefully this would not take longer once again as well.


Hi @o2_Giulia,

Would you happen to have any update on the request?
I haven’t heard back from you or the team for over a week now.

Best Regards,

Hello @MonikaMohanan,

the Kombivorteil (10 EUR/month) has now been booked and confirmed by email to you. I have requested a refund for overcharges over the last few months. You will shortly receive a confirmation via email/text message. The credit will then automatically be offset against your next bill.

Our technical support have informed me that your connection has been repaired in the meantime and that your ticket was already closed.

Your connection does not show any connection interruptions and appears to be stable with good bandwidth. If there are still problems, can you describe them in more detail?

Best regards


Hi Guilia,

Thank you for assisting to resolve the issue. Yes, the monthly billing has been fixed but I need to confirm the overcharges(will come back to you on this).

In the meantime, the connection issue still persists. Last time your technician mentioned that there were connection disturbance with my line and a technician visit was planned. However the scheduled appointment never took place and we tried contacting O2 support over the phone. We were then out of Berlin for 2-3 months and returned in early Feb. We found that the internet speed was low (around 50-60mbps with LAN and not Wifi) which worked for. However, from the past one week we saw more frequent disruption and yesterday there was a blackout for almost 8-9 hours and we couldn’t even work. Raised the complaint with your support and through meino2 app but havent heard anything so far. Your support representative mentioned that someone would be calling back, but so far nothing.

Although the network is restored now- it disconnects every few mins and the speed remains extremely low and varies between 5mbps to 50mpbs at times. I have a contractual limit of 250MBPS and expect at least 130mbps consistently.

Could you please help us resolve this and prioritize? Would highly appreciate your support here.


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