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how to get DSL support in English

My home DSL completely doesn’t work. All lights are blinking. I tried to call the O2 customer service hotline but it’s all in German. I can’t get through with my preliminary German. How can I reach an English speaking customer service directly? 


Lösung von EikeS. 17 January 2020, 10:22

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There is no english speaking customer service.

The easiest way is to ask someone who speaks german good enough to assist you with the call.

or maybe with the o2 Hilfe App. There is an option to get a ticket with it. But it wont help You when they call you back...

You have a HomeBox?

If yes the DSL LED ist Blinking?

What is Internet and Info are doing  and in what color?


Hello @Cyndi Hu and welcome to our o2 community :-)

Were you already able to contact our technical DSL hotline? What is the status of your DSL connection? Is it maybe already working again?



Since we reciebed no further response in quite a time I am sure everything is up and running again :-)



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