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dsl led not light

i just got my homebox 3 but the dsl led is not light or blinking, I followed the instructions in the video


o2_Giulia, 14.03.2024, 15:06: verschoben von Austausch rund um die O₂ Community zu English O₂ Community: Broadband & Landline


Lösung von o2_Sven 14 March 2024, 15:47

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Hello @Ala1995,

welcome to our o2 Community 😀

I was happy to take a look, your DSL connection is currently not activated. Therefore, it is normal that the router does not receive a signal yet.

On March 22nd, 2024 your connection will be activated by the technician. Did you receive the welcome letter?

Best regards


Hello Giulia,

Thank you for your response, I thought that I can activate it immediately, then I will wait for the technician.

I didn't receive welcome letter, is it in the email ?

Hello @Ala1995 ,

the welcome lettter is an actual old fashioned letter that was send out on our end on the 29th of February this year. If you haven’t received anything we can send it out again.


Kind regards, Sven

Hello Sven,

Yes please, send it to me again because I moved to a new apartment and didn't received it, eill it arrive to my new address where I received the router ? And what I will find inside of it ?

Hello @Ala1995 ,

I’ve send out the letter again now to your new address. You should receive it in a few days.


Kind regards, Sven

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