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DSL cancellation letter langauge

Hello Sir/ Madam,

I am leaving Germany in month of May 2020, I need to cancel the DSL contract at end of May 2020

I need to know if I write the Letter in English Language to concern authority will it work? or it should be in German only?

Also If I inform in January 2020 to the authority , will it be ok?

If any one knows please convey




Lösung von o2_Tobias 15 January 2020, 10:08

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Hi @Rohit,


thanks for your request.


In order to cancel your DSL-contract because of moving abroad, please use this document: cancellation because of moving abroad


Additionally to the cancellation, we need some documents from you, as you can see under this link.


I hope that the information is helpful for you.


Loving greetings,


Hi @Rohit,


I hope I could help you with the information concerning your cancellation because of moving to another country.


If you have any further questions, just feel free to contact our English community.


Loving greetings,


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