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DSL Activation Date changed. New date not received

  • 5 November 2019
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I’m asking this for a friend. She is unable to register/login to community to post the query. Hence I’m posting on her behalf with her permission. 


She had applied for a new DSL connection and an appointment was set for 13.11.2019 between 12-4 pm. However today she received an email stating the appointment is being changed due to technical reasons. Though she had already communicated the date and time to her landlord for access to APL and other box as mentioned in the email. We contacted through chat support today morning, where-in the executive said we shall receive a new date by end of the day. Unfortunately there’s no further communication. 


Also the early login link received on email no longer works. We did login earlier and changed the password. But now we are unable to log-in to check the connection status. We get an error message stating technical issue each time I try with the link. We tried with different browsers. 


I can share the contract number here. But I’m not sure if it is allowed to share publically with the post. 


Please assist us in getting this issue resolved at the earliest. 


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Hello @rohitkalva,

thank you for helping your friend, I am sure we will be able to shed some light on this issue.

If your friend recieved and email stating that the apointment will not take place for technical reasons then we are already in contact with the local provider to arrange a new apointment. As soon as we further information we will inform your friend with this new date. 

It is possible that the order has to be reprocessed so your friend will also recieve a new email with a new link to login.

Please excuse any inconveniences.



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