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Contract termination for moving abroad and continuous bill invoices

  • 29 November 2018
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I moved to UK in May 2018. I was an O2 customer since 2013. My contract was automatically extended twice for which I had no idea during that time and still did bear with it. Last year, I took a DSL connection and in the mean time it gets activated, I was told I will be given a free SIM till then to browse internet and later it was made as a contract and kept charging me.

I realized all this recently after moving to UK when I was charged twice a month.

So in total I paid 3 bills having used only 2 all time.

Frustrated with all this, I contacted O2 several times over phone, internet, chat, email no one gave me straight answer.

Finally I was able to raise a complaint and I got an email several days later saying out of good will they will cancel the contracts to an earlier date. I sent the documents, kept charging me with bills. I contacted the Kundenbetreuung several times and each time I get a different answer and again they ask me to send me deregistration certificate etc..,

I never received a deregistration certificate from Germany at my UK address.

I sent by post a long letter explaning all this and sent my UK house contract, my visa, my residence permit copy etc..,

Yet I didn't receive any confirmation of cancellation.

I received an email saying final invoice after I sent my documents. I assumed that was the final bill, got a reminder today again. Paid the bill amount.

Instead of getting a final settlement email, I got an other email saying I have to pay 200 odd euros.

I am really frustrated with all this and losing all my time. And on top of that , I paid already for all that I didn't use since an year and now more complications.

I really hope this issue gets solved atleast here.

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Dear O2 customer service,

This thread can be removed as I posted the same as a question..